Board of Review / Taxation


  • As needed


  • William Davis
  • Brenda Stuckey
  • Jennie Loxley


3 members - One member is appointed by the City Manager for an indefinite, which may be an employee of the City with the exception of an employee of the Finance or Tax Departments.  Two members are appointed by Council for two-year terms. Residency is not required for membership.


  • two-year terms


  • All rules and regulations and amendments or changes thereto, which are adopted by the Tax Administrator under the authority by this chapter, must be approved by the Board before the same become effective.
  • The Board shall hear and pass on appeals from any ruling or decision of the Tax Administrator and, at the request of the Taxpayer or Tax Administrator, is hereby authorized to substitute alternate methods of allocation.
  • The Board of Review/Taxation selects a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, and a Recording Secretary each January.


  • Established by Ordinance, June 1978
  • Springboro Code - Chapter 278; 880.13