Board of Review / Taxation


Conducted as needed to hear taxpayer appeals or discuss/approve necessary procedural matters.


The Board consists of three members. One member is appointed by the City Manager and serves at his/her discretion. Two members are appointed by City Council and serve for two-year terms. Membership requirements are outlined in the Local Board of Tax Review Administrative Procedure Manual, which is available upon request. 

Current Members/Terms

  • William Davis
  • Brenda Stuckey
  • Jennie Loxley


The Board was created to hear appeals as related to the Tax Administrator's decision to:
  • Issue an assessment for underpayment of municipal income tax
  • Deny a claim for tax refund--either in whole or in part


  • Established by Ordinance, June 1978
  • As stipulated by Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 718 and further described by Springboro City Ordinance 881.18

Staff Liaison to The Board

Joannie Kingseed, Assistant Finance Director