Recycling Program

Recycling Schedule

Rumpke offers recycling services every-other-week on your service day. Your address is on either the red or grey collection schedule. Check the schedules here:
Thursday Schedule
Friday Schedule
Schedule by Street name

For more information, call Rumpke, 1-800-828-8171.
Rumpke Recycling list

Thursday Collection Schedules

RED Recycling Schedule                                                                                                    GREY Recycling Schedule   

Thursday RED Recycling Collection Schedule

Recycling will be picked up on these Thursdays in 2020:
  • April 30
  • May 14, 28
  • June 11, 25
  • July 9, 23
  • August 6, 20
  • September 3, 17
  • October 1, 15, 29
  • November 12, 26
  • December 10, 24

Thursday GREY Recycling Collection Schedule

Recycling will be picked up on these Thursdays in 2020:
  • May 7, 21
  • June 4, 18
  • July 2,16,30
  • August 13, 27
  • September 10,24
  • October 8,22
  • November 5, 19
  • December 3, 17, 31

FRIDAY Collection Schedules

Friday RED Recycling Collection Schedule Friday GREY Recycling Collection Schedule

Recycling will be picked up on these Fridays in 2020:
  • May 1, 14, 29
  • June 12, 26
  • July 10, 24
  • August 7, 21
  • September 4, 18
  • October 2, 16, 30
  • November 13, 27
  • December 11 and Saturday, Dec. 26
Recycling will be picked up on these Fridays in 2020:
  • May 8, 22
  • June 5, 19
  • July 3, 17, 31
  • August 14, 28
  • September 11, 25
  • October 9, 23
  • November  6, 20
  • December 4, 18

Recycling Toters

The City of Springboro provides a recycling toter to every household. If you need a new recycling container or want your current container collected, click here.

What Can Be Recycled?

It is not necessary to separate recyclables. Recyclables should be loose in your recycling toter (cart). Don't bag. Plastic bags are not accepted in the curbside recycling program. The following items are accepted by Rumpke.
Place items acceptable recyclable materials (PDF) into your recycling toter (cart) at your curbside on the pickup days listed above:
  • Cans: must be empty, no paint cans
  • Bottles & Jugs: lids ok if reattached to the empty bottle
  • Glass Bottles & Jars: metal lids ok if detached from bottle
  • Paper: bags, boxes newspaper, magazines, etc. No plates, cups, napkins or paper towels
  • Cartons: Remove lids and straws

Why Recycle?

As the earth's population grows, we are increasingly aware of the earth's finite amount of resources. Therefore, recycling those materials means using less raw materials.

Benefits of Recycling

Aside from the benefits to the environment and the conservation of resources, there are direct financial benefits to the City and its residents. By recycling more, the City will pay less in refuse tipping fees to the landfills, because less waste is being hauled away and dumped in the landfills. By the City paying less in tipping fees, city residents will ultimately pay less over time in their trash fees and refuse rates can remain the same.

Recycling Statistics Within the City

Springboro residents recycle approximately 1,130 tons of materials each year, or 13.9% of all waste that is collected within the City. However, the national average for recycling in communities is approximately 32.5% of all waste collected - so, there is room for improvement!

Recycling Resource Links

Please check out these additional resources for more information about recycling! (These links will take you outside of the City of Springboro website and are only intended for informational purposes. The City neither created or endorses the content.)