Leaf Collection Program

2017 Leaf Collection Program

The Leaf Collection Program is scheduled to begin Monday, October 16 and run through Friday, December 6, 2017.  WE HAVE EXTENDED COLLECTION THROUGH THE END OF DECEMBER.  HOWEVER, THERE IS NO SET COLLECTION ROUTE.  WE WILL COLLECT YOUR LEAVES IF THEY ARE OUT AT THE CURB.

View the 2017 Leaf Collection Program Map (PDF) for specific weeks and dates the collection crews will be in your area.

View a 3-minute video about leaf collection (AVI).
Leaf Vacuum

Areas To Be Collected

Leaves will be collected from all areas of the City. Crews will collect leaves from each area a minimum of four times after the start of collection. (Please see the leaf collection map (PDF) to determine dates your street/area will be visited during the collection program.)

If your leaves don't happen to be falling in October when crews visit the first time - don't worry, crews will be back a minimum of three more times well into December.

What We Need You to Do to Help

To keep the leaf collection on schedule and to help keep costs down, please adhere to the following:
  • Do not rake anything except leaves out to the curb for collection. Branches, sticks and other waste clogs the machinery and can potentially damage the leaf vacuums.
  • Rake your leaves to the curb or tree lawn, but not into the street where they will block traffic.
  • Please have your leaves raked out to the curb at least 2 days before crews are scheduled to arrive (See leaf collection map (PDF).) Depending on Mother Nature, equipment problems and the volume of leaves, the crews may be as much as two days early or two days late.
  • Do not bag your leaves and leave them out for the City's collection crews. Any bagged leaves will be by-passed. Leaves must be raked out to the tree lawn or curb all by themselves for ease of pick up by the leaf vacuums. Please rake leaves to as close to the curb as possible. Bagged leaves will be left for Waste Management to pick up as part of their yard waste collection - as long as the leaves are in biodegradable bags.
  • Do not park vehicles within 20 feet of leaf piles. Leaves must be accessible to the trucks and the leaf vacuum. If leaves are not accessible, they will be bypassed - we do not want to risk damaging the leaf vacuum or your vehicles.

Schedule Updates

Any leaf collection schedule updates or delays will be posted on the City website. You can also call 937-748-4352 for more information.