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Do Not Solicit Registration

  1. Springboro’s Do Not Solicit Ordinance only covers addresses located within the City limits. Clearcreek Township addresses are not covered by the Ordinance and cannot be included on the exclusion list.

    Springboro residents: Complete the form below for your address to be included on the Do Not Solicit List. Please note that registration remains valid until the resident changes address. Allow five business days for your address to appear on the list.

    The “Do Not Solicit List” is maintained by the City, and prohibits solicitors from making door-to-door contact with any addresses on the list. 

    NOTE: The ordinance does not affect youth fundraising activities like school, sports or scout sales. It also doesn’t affect door-to-door political campaigns, collection of signatures or distribution of brochures or other literature. 

    The ordinance does affect peddlers and solicitors selling for a profit; for example, door-to-door salespersons for landscaping, pest control and roofing companies would all need to have a solicitor’s license.

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