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Amphitheater Reservation Form (Weddings only)


    This is a REQUEST form only. Your reservation must be approved by the City Manager and then you will receive a confirmation.

    Please be aware, the amphitheater is located in a functioning park that is open to the public. During your event, we cannot restrict other users that may be utilizing the park at the same time as your event, including but not limited to: soccer games, baseball practices, school or community groups, and other individuals enjoying the use of the park.

    NOTE: This application is for the amphitheater and stage area only. If you are interested in reserving the shelter at North Park, you must complete a separate application here Reservation Forms | Springboro, OH (

    You are reserving the amphitheater and grounds around the amphitheater “as is”. The City does not provide any other service or facility other than what is presently on the site. The City will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the amphitheater and surrounding area is clean and functioning, however, the City cannot be responsible for any damage to the amphitheater or grounds that may occur due to weather, vandalism or any other unforeseen event on or around the time of your event. 

    The City cannot accommodate any special requests that would be outside of the normal function of the City as it relates to the maintenance and upkeep of the park. Restrooms shall be available for use during regular park hours of operation as well as special hours as approved and authorized. Electric shall be available for events requesting service as indicated above during the hours of your event only. 

    For operational assistance between 7 am and 4 pm weekdays, call (937) 748-0020 and weekends and evenings, call (937) 748-0611 (Springboro Police Department Non-Emergency Number). 

    Reservations for the Amphitheater can be taken for Springboro Residents, starting January 1 of each year. Reservations for Non-Residents can only be taken 1-month before the requested date.

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