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Amphitheater Reservation Form

  1. ** If event is a music concert - music can only be played until 9pm, unless otherwise approved.

  2. Additional Information for Applicant

    Amphitheater events are permitted only during regular park hours of operation: April 1st thru October 31st, 6am to 10pm November 1st thru March 31st, 8am to 6pm Reservations for the Amphitheater can be taken for Springboro Residents, Springboro Non-profit groups and other Springboro affiliated groups starting January 1 of each year. Reservations for Non-Residents and non-Resident groups can only be taken 1-month before the requested date. Please be aware, that depending on the number in attendance at your event, and at the sole discretion of the City, you may be charged $25 per hour per City employee that must be present at your event for the following, including but not limited to; parking of vehicles, sound and lighting system issues, restroom maintenance, etc. You will be notified before your event takes place of any charges that may be necessary. Restrooms shall be available for use during regular park hours of operation as well as special hours as approved and authorized. Electric shall be available for events requesting service as indicated above during the hours of your event only. For operational assistance between 7am and 4pm weekdays, call (937) 748-0020 and weekends and evenings, call (937) 748-0611 (Springboro Police Department Non-Emergency Number) PLEASE RESPECT THIS PUBLIC FACILITY SO MANY MAY ENJOY IT FOR YEARS TO COME.

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