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1. What is the deadline for filing my Springboro return?
2. Will the Tax Department be open to the public in advance of the July 15 filing deadline?
3. I prefer not to come to the City Building. Is there another way to get help with my return?
4. What other options do I have for preparing my return if I don’t want to do it myself?
5. Where can I find the forms I need to complete my own tax return?
6. I want to complete my return but am not sure which form to use.
7. I’ve completed my tax return. Can I submit it electronically?
8. I usually submit my return in person. Where can I file it instead?
9. I have questions about how to complete my tax forms. What should I do?
10. I want to use the On-line Tax Preparation Program I see on your website, but am having trouble logging in. What can I do?
11. I submitted my City return and am due a refund. When will I get it?
12. I had an overpayment on my 2019 return and asked to have that overpayment credited to my 2020 tax liability. Now, I think I prefer to get that money as a refund. What can I do?
13. I have a balance due on my tax return. How can I pay it?
14. I filed my City return; did you receive it? And, was it done correctly?