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Community Room Reservation

  1. COVID Addendum to Reservation Form

    Anyone reserving and/or utilizing the Amphitheater at North Park or any City of Springboro Park Shelter acknowledges the following: 1. Any group or persons will adhere to the guidelines and restrictions of Responsible RestartOhio in regard to social distancing, maximum number of attendees or users or any other guideline. Guidelines and restrictions can be found at 2. Approval of the use of the amphitheater or any park shelter IS NOT an approval from the City in regard to any COVID restrictions. 3. The City is not responsible for any Warren County Health District or other State of Ohio violation in regard to COVID or Responsible RestartOhio that may occur by any group or persons utilizing the amphitheater or shelters.

  2. COVID Addendum to Reservation Form Acknowledgement

  3. Must be Springboro Group

  4. Availability

    Monday - Friday (Except Wednesdays): 9am to 3pm; Monday - Friday: 5pm - 10pm; Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 10pm;

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  6. I will comply with the Springboro Community Room Usage Policy Which Can Be Downloaded to the Right*

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