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Citywide Inventory of Water Service Plumbing Material

  1. New Federal Guidelines Require Citywide Inventory of Water Service Delivery 
    The EPA has recently revised its Lead and Copper Rule with revisions that include requiring all communities and water utilities across the country to identify lead pipes that connect drinking water service to homes and other buildings. In accordance with the federal mandate, the City of Springboro is required to prepare and maintain an inventory of water service line materials for all properties located within the City.

    We are asking every home and business owner to check your plumbing material and  complete this form.
    To identify the plumbing material in your home or business, look in one of these locations: underneath a sink or next to your water heater. Plumbing material will be either lead pipe, cooper pipe, galvanized steel pipe or plastic.

    NOTE: If your home or business building was constructed AFTER 1986, you do not need to complete the form. 

    Please call 937-748-0020  or email with questions. 

  2. If you are unsure, visit the Warren County Auditor site and look for "Building details."

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