Who answers the phone when I call 911?

A police dispatcher answers all 911 phone calls. If you call from a land line or VOiP line, the call will be routed to the jurisdiction where the call was made. If you call from a cell phone, the call will hit off of a cell tower. The call from a cell phone will then ring into the 911 center where the tower is located, not necessarily where you are located. It is common to be transferred at least once to the correct jurisdiction when using a cell phone. Your location does not show up instantly from a cell phone call.

The dispatcher will first ask where the incident is occurring. Make sure to know the address/street/landmarks you are near so help can reach you quickly. You will be transferred to the correct agency if the incident did not occur in the City of Springboro limits. Once the type of emergency response is determined (police, fire or medic), the dispatcher will request assistance from one or all of the following:

  • Police response only - Police officer(s) are dispatched by the Warren County Communication Center
  • Fire/Medic response – Fire / Medics are dispatched by the Warren County Communication Center. The dispatcher will obtain the information to determine what type of emergency equipment to send. A police officer will also respond with the fire department. The City of Springboro utilizes the Clearcreek Township Fire Department.


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