Can I make a virtual tax appointment through Zoom?

Yes. You can set up a Zoom appointment with a Springboro tax preparer. And, if you provide your tax documents in advance of the virtual appointment, we can prepare your return and use the meeting time to explain the results. Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling us at 937-748-9701.

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1. Where can I get the latest filing information and tax forms?
2. What is the deadline for filing my 2021 Springboro return?
3. I'm retired. Do I need to file?
4. I'm disabled. Do I need to file?
5. I didn't have any taxable income last year. Do I need to file?
6. Do I need to file a return if I'm a minor?
7. I'm a college student living on campus, but I come home to Springboro during school breaks. Do I need to file a return?
8. I moved during the year. What is my filing requirement?
9. Are unemployment benefits taxable?
10. Which form should I use to file my return?
11. What documents do I need to include with my return?
12. I've completed my tax return. Can I submit electronically?
13. I want to come to your office and have your staff prepare my return. What do I need to do?
14. Can I make a virtual tax appointment through Zoom?
15. I'm not comfortable using Zoom or going into the City building. How can I get help preparing my tax return?
16. I have questions about how to complete my tax forms. What should I do?
17. What income is taxable in the City of Springboro?
18. What income is not taxable to the City of Springboro?
19. I have a balance due on my tax return. How can I pay it?
20. I'm unable to pay my balance due. Is it possible to set up a payment plan?
21. When can I expect my tax refund?
22. I'm not sure what credit I have available for 2021. How can I find out?