Facebook & Dayton Daily News - Fact v Fiction

This page is being provided by the City of Springboro to try to help residents separate fact from fiction when reading posts made on the various community Facebook Pages and articles in the Dayton Daily News.  This web page will be updated as Dayton Daily News articles are published and various Facebook posts are made with incorrect information.   

If you ever have any questions about any projects within the City or for more information, please feel free to email the City Manager, Chris Pozzuto at pozzuto@cityofspringboro.com.  He would be happy to discuss these projects further with you.

Please remember – any and all information about projects in the City are a matter of public record.  All you have to do is ask and the City would be happy to provide you with whatever information you are looking for with regard to anything occurring in the City.  Any and all large scale projects have been discussed and authorized in an open meeting of City Council.

There will only be facts published on this page.  Transparent government is a bedrock of this country and this community.  Public discourse provides for better government, better services and a better community.  However, true public discourse can only occur if the facts are known by everyone.

Post by Resident on Voice of Springboro Facebook Page, Sunday, September 29 at 9:17am (and edited 2 times afterwards).

Original Post (as directly copied from Facebook and italicized):

A lot of people have been asking about the Construction Project beginning to take shape at SR 73 & SR 741 on the NE Corner.

You are looking at Phase 1 of the “Gateway Entrance” and the Contract was awarded to “Double Jay Construction” at a cost of $472,201. The City describes this as a “Welcome to Springboro Sign and extensive Landscaping” in the recent City Council Work Session and Meeting Minutes.

So do we need to spend a half million $ for this?

Should we consider the Land Costs for this corner sign and landscaping?

I believe the City purchased the Paul Music Land (this was the small strip Center that at one time had a pizza place in it) for $900,000.

Not sure what they paid for the PRO AUTO CARE corner property...but I am guessing it was similar to Music’s Land.

So, when you add all that together and consider the addition of a Video Board and Pergola that is being budgeted for 2020 (Phase 2)...we are approaching a $3,000,000. corner. I am sure it will be very nice, but Woow.

On another note, “Double Jay Construction” is the Contractor that built the Kacie Jane Park/ Splash Pad which was a wonderful addition to the Community.

While the original contract as approved by City Council was for $472,201 (and all contracts are awarded as a “not to exceed” amount), the actual cost of the project is $371,778.  Staff worked with the contractor, Double Jay Construction, to reduce the amount to under what was originally budgeted ($400,000) in the City’s 2019 Capital Improvement Project budget, which was voted on and approved in an open and televised session of City Council in November 2018.

The resident also refers to the “Paul Music Land” being purchased for $900,000.  And the resident further states, “Not sure what they paid for the PRO AUTO CARE corner property….but I am guessing it was similar to the Music’s land”.  

The actual amount of the Paul Music Land purchase was $800,000.  The amount paid for the Pro Automotive property was $465,000.  If you take the Music property, the Pro Automotive property and the cost of the new project sign and landscaping, that amount is $1,636,778.  

*City note – the Music and Pro Automotive properties were originally purchased for the road improvement project at the intersection of SR 73 / SR 741, not for the signage and landscaping project.  However, the City was left with a small piece of residual land from that intersection project that would remain empty – and was not / is not big enough for any business to relocate there with a building and parking.

Further into the comments section of the original post, the resident goes on to write (as copied from Facebook and italicized): “Also of interest to me...were that the Minutes stated the Springboro Engineer “estimated” this work would cost $470,000. before Bids were received.”

Any City project that involves roadwork, construction, etc., typically includes an engineer’s estimate that is provided before any bid is received (and that is very typical statewide).  Sometimes the bids from contractors come in under the engineer’s estimate, sometimes they are over.  The engineer’s estimate is used as a guideline to determine how good (or bad) bids are that the City receives on various projects.  If the bids received are 10% over the engineer’s estimate, the City typically rejects them or changes the scope of the project and rebids.

Further into the comments section of the original post (copied here from Facebook and italicized), another resident comments “Im curious as to who owns Double Jays Construction and if they have a personal connection to whoever makes the final decision.”

Six (6) proposals were sent to various construction companies and they were asked to bid on the project. Only two (2) formal bids were received.  One was from Double Jay for $473,201, the other was from Oheil Site Solutions for $513,983.  Again, staff worked with the lowest bidder to decrease the actual cost of the project to $371,778.