Tax Services

Our Tax Department’s mission is to help you file your annual return and make the process as hassle-free as possible. Use the links at left to get answers to frequently asked questions, access forms, schedule appointments, make payments, or upload documents to us. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you want in-person assistance with your return, you must schedule an appointment. If you have questions or need additional information, call us at 937-748-9701.

City Tax filing deadline is May 2, 2022

The City of Springboro's filing deadline is May 2. Our relaxed filing deadline allows you to focus on getting your Federal return filed by the IRS'  April 18 due date. Remember, you’ll need to file a copy of the first page of your Federal Form 1040 with your completed City return.

2021 municipal refunds potentially available to home-based workers

If you were working from your Springboro home for part or all of 2021, but taxes were being withheld for a former work city, you are entitled to a refund of those taxes for the period(s) during which you worked from home. For more information on how to apply for a refund and the potential tax savings available, consult our Q&A.

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Tax Department
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Phone: 937-748-9701
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Joannie Kingseed 
Assistant Finance Director/Tax Administrator
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Jessica Slone, Assistant Tax Administrator
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Multiple ways to access help

 If you need assistance preparing your return, here’s how we can help:

1. Schedule an appointment with staff: If you would like to have a staff member prepare your return while you wait, schedule an appointment online or by calling 937-748-9701. Walk-in service is not available.

2.  Ask us to prepare your return remotely: If you want our staff to prepare your return, but don’t want to come to the City Building for assistance, submit your tax documents and we’ll prepare the return for you. Most taxpayers will just need to provide us with their W-2s and the first page of their Federal Form 1040. But, for those who filed any of the following forms/schedules with their Federal return, we’ll need to see them as well: Schedule 1, Schedule C, Schedule E, Form 4797, Schedule F, Form 4835.

You can mail your documents, upload them to our electronic dropbox, or put them in the physical drop box at the municipal building. Be sure to include a submission form with your documents so that we may contact you with questions. 

3.  Schedule a Zoom appointment: We will be happy to chat with you virtually over Zoom and answer your tax questions. If you get us your tax documents at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment we’ll even prepare your return and discuss the results during the Zoom call.