Project Construction Updates

 We will attempt to update this section of the website weekly, or as often as we can. Updates will begin after the construction has begun.

  • June 13 - Due to a delay in material shipments, the contractor will be on site to finish the final portion of the project - the crosswalks.  Work will begin on the crosswalks June 18 and work should last 4-5 days weather permitting.
  • May 11 - The contractor has advised the City that the FINAL milling and paving of the intersection is scheduled to begin Tuesday, May 15 and conclude on Friday, May 19 (weather permitting).  Striping to occur during the week after paving is complete.  Weather permitting, the entire project should be compete by May 25.
  • April 13 - The contractor will be back on site over the next 2-3 weeks completing all remaining concrete work, including pouring curb and sidewalk on southeast corner and removing old traffic signal pole foundation and pouring new concrete island on northeast corner.
  • February 6 - The mast arms and traffic signal installation is complete.  The contractor is waiting for Duke to connect power to the signals.
  • December 20 - The mast arms for the new traffic signals and street light poles are on site.  The contractor needs to remove a tank from the SE corner before any mast arms or light poles can be installed.  Installation of both is to begin January 3 and take approximately 3-4 weeks.
  • December 7 - The former Speedway building is tentatively scheduled to be demolished starting Tuesday, December 12.
  • December 6 - The second eastbound lane on SR 73 has been opened to traffic.  The WCTID has reported that the poles for the new traffic signals are to be delivered by December 14.
  • November 10 - The City was just notified that Duke Energy will be at the project over the weekend to remove the remaining wood utility poles from the intersection.  This will allow the contractor to complete the curb and gutter at the intersection.
  • October 30 - The City was just notified by the WCTID that the traffic signal mast arms and replacement safety lighting for the intersection will be delivered and installed, starting in early December.
  • September 22 - The City was just notified by the contractor for the project that Duke Energy informed them that they have taken all of their available crews and relocated them to Texas and Florida to deal with the devastation from the two recent hurricanes that have ravaged those areas.  This affects the SR 73 / SR 741 project because the contractor cannot do any more work on the intersection until all the utilities have been relocated.  This delay could last as much as 2-3 weeks (depending on weather and Duke Energy availability).  The good news is, the contractor was about 3 weeks ahead of schedule on the project.  So over the next few weeks, residents may see little to no work being done at the intersection, as we wait for Duke to re-engage in the project.
  • September 15 - Work has begun to set the new poles for the larger traffic signals for the intersection.  Utility work by Duke will be slower for the next few weeks as many of their crews are in Texas and Florida helping with hurricane recovery efforts down in those areas.  We hope they all staff safe and can work quickly to help both those areas restore power as quickly as possible!
  • September 4 - construction crews will begin some night work to relocate hydrants, water lines and storms sewers on the north side of SR 73. This work will take place after 7pm each night. Weather permitting, the crews hope to be done with this phase of night work by the end of the week.  Traffic will be shifted to the south on SR 73 to safely accommodate the workers and motorists.
  • August 17 - The contractor will be closing pedestrian access in the north/south direction on SR 741 at the Intersection of SR 73 for safety reasons.  There will be too much heavy equipment in close proximity to the sidewalks to properly and safely allow pedestrians to cross in a north/south direction.  Thank you for your understanding!
  • August 15 - The contractor began paving the south side of SR73.  Weather dependent, the crews will shift focus to the north side of SR73 once the paving on the south side is complete over the next few days.
  • August 9 - The contractor will be pouring curb and gutter on the south side of SR 73 sometime this week or next week, weather permitting.  The contractor will then begin to lay asphalt on the south side of the street.  The contractor is then expected to shift focus to the north side of SR 73.
  • July 10 - Contractor will begin night time work on the storm sewer system on July 10 from 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM Monday night through Thursday night weather permitting. No night time work will be performed on Friday night; however, night time work may carry over to the week of July 17 if necessary.
  • July 5 - Traffic will be reduced to one lane on SR 73 in both directions, close to the intersection. This area should remain down to one lane for a few weeks. Vehicles will not be able to access SR73 from Florence Drive.
  • June 19 - Project start! Milcon will begin work on the southwest side of the intersection by relocating a water line in that location. This portion of the project will take approximately 3 weeks, weather dependent. One lane of traffic will be closed, but traffic will be maintained.
  • June 12 - Contractor will be demolishing the gas pump canopy at the former Speedway on the southwest corner of the intersection.
  • May 19 - The WCTID awarded the intersection reconstruction project to Milcon Concrete, Inc., of Troy, Ohio at their Board meeting today. The contract is for $3,329,972.50.
  • April 7 - Contractor began demolition of the two buildings on the NE corner of the intersection. Demolition was complete by the end of the next week.
  • March 8 - Duke contractor began installing new power poles to move power lines away from existing pavement to allow for widening of the road.