The Warren County Transportation Improvement District (WCTID) has been contracted by the City of Springboro to complete the reconstruction of the State Route 73 and State Route 741 Intersection.

The Project

The Reconstruction Project Will Include:
  1. Widening the intersection and providing additional turn lanes for eastbound SR 73 to northbound SR 741 traffic (Dual left turn lanes); additional turn lane for westbound SR 73 to northbound SR 741 traffic (Right turn lane); as well as additional turn lane lengths in the northbound and southbound directions. There will be no round-about or traffic circle as has been rumored.
  2. Upgrading traffic signals to mast arms so that signals are timed more efficiently to allow traffic to move through the intersection more smoothly, particularly during peak travel times.
  3. Providing improved pedestrian crossings.
  4. Upgrade drainage and utility systems in the intersection.


Key Project Benefits Include:
  1. Safety upgrades, addressing capacity concerns by allowing more traffic to safely utilize the intersection and increase connectivity for pedestrians.
  2. Additional aesthetic improvements to provide a more attractive gateway to the entire City and the Historic Downtown.