Chief of Police

The Office of Police Chief for the City of Springboro, Ohio is more than a post for the chief executive for the Police Department. The Police Chief services three very distinct customer bases and is part of the management for each.

Police Department

The first and most obvious is the Police Department. As the chief executive for the Police Department, the Police Chief is not only charged with the proper deployment of police personnel to serve the needs of the community, but with meeting the needs of the police department personnel in the areas of equipment, training, support, discipline, and the creation of a safe and modern working environment.

City's Management Team

The Police Chief is also an integral member of the city’s overall management team. Within this capacity, the Police Chief works to ensure the Police Department is headed in a direction consistent with the long range goals and objectives of the City. Within this capacity, the Chief also acts as an advisor to other city government segments, pointing out the potential impact of other programs on public safety.


Finally, the Police Chief is a an important part of the community. As a member of the community, he must facilitate a cooperative atmosphere. He must be available as a resource and an advocate. The Chief must engage in dialogue to identify and solve problems and hazards that have the potential of impacting public safety and tranquility. He must encourage an active involvement from the general public and the business communities.