Parks Solar Project

Solar Power Project

In the City’s continuing effort to “Go Green”, the Springboro Park Board has spearheaded a new solar power project within the parks at the North Park Concession Stand, North Park Shelter, Clearcreek Park Concession Stand and both Shleters at Commnity Park, that not only helps the environment, but should also lower utility costs as well as generate some revenue for the City.


One interesting component of the system is the monitoring. Anyone in the community who would like to see just how much power the system is generating at each location on a daily basis, can click the links below. The system will also show how the solar power is having a positive effect on the environment by detailing the carbon off-set, how many lightbulbs can be powered and much more!

Icon Solar Power

Icon Solar Power of Cincinnati installed the system, which consists of 125 solar panels.

Icon Solar Power

The solar power system, to date, has reduced electric costs within the parks by approximately 80%. In addition, because the solar system is actually generating power in the form of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), the City is able to sell the power generated to the traditional electric utility, thus generating revenue for the City. In total, the solar system which has a warranty of 25 years, has a return-on-investment of only 5.2 years!

System at Community Park Shelter "B"

System at Community Park Shelter B